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Hi Carol

Thank-You for this wonderful product, after we spoke about living with Fibromyalgia, I took your advise and tried the diet and bought the Muscle Mist,  It has helped me so much.  THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU


Regina, SK


Hello Carol, I thought I would send you an email regarding your product that you developed.  I hope all is well with you and your health. I too have fibromyalgia.  It was so bad in 2000, that I struggled every day.  I had all 18 points active and my doctor and physiotherapist wanted to place me in a wheelchair.  I struggled with basic care of myself and my husband and daughters were overwhelmed with the amount of pain crippling me.  At my worst, a five minute walk to the store would take me over three hours to get there one way. I came across your Muscle Mist at a trade show and what a godsend that was.  Between hot baths, diet change and stress busters (moving to country and growing organic), and Muscle Mist, I overcame and manage my fibromyalgia well enough that since 2013 I am  working full-time the local hospital. I even weaned myself off prescription drugs. Aleve is the only other medication I keep taking to keep the edge off a long day.

 But I have discovered some thing else about Muscle Mist besides the other uses that were listed on the pamphlet that came with it: it helps to keep the ticks off me when gardening or working on the farm.  Any ticks we pick, I place them in a container with some Muscle Mist poured in it and they die immediately.  If one has bit, I spray first and then pulling them off is easier. Works much better than those bug sprays on the market.  I even spray the dogs before they run thru the fields. Tick season is here again, and my bottle is empty.

 I was looking to order on line when, to my surprise, I see that you are located in Selkirk. I hope to be able to drive there on my next day off and purchase a new bottle.  I haven’t found a place selling the product near me and I don’t go into Winnipeg often enough to hit a trade show. I recommend this product to all who ask how I did get better. New acquaintances can’t believe how severe this disease can be when you tell them how life was ten years ago.  Hope nothing has changed in the formula.  Looking forward to having some again. Best product ever used.